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Contributed with a chapter in a book about sustainability

Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion

Chapter: Irreplacable Luxury Garments

Feel free to download it here: Chapter


Selected for Danish Crafts Collection CC18 with ‘Ornament and Tie’

Ornament and Tie Full

Ornament and Tie is a hand-crafted sustainable accessory, which is a cross-over between jewellery and clothing. It is made from organic Italian wool and sustainable butt leather. The leather appliqués are cut by hand and also decorated by hand. Wool was chosen because it is essentially self-cleaning and only needs to be aired out or wiped with a damp cloth. Similarly, butt leather only gets more beautiful with age.

It is produced and numbered one-offs.

Available in the shop!

Danish Crafts Collection is an award-winning annual collection founded in 1999. It presents a curated selection of the best in contemporary Danish craft and design at international fairs and in other commercial contexts. From January 2014, Danish Crafts Collection is carried out by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Agency for Culture. From 1999 through 2013, Danish Crafts Collection was organized by Danish Crafts.



Friday, November 15th 2014, Susanne Guldager spoke at a conference at DDC (Danish Design Centre) arranged by Sustain Festival Copenhagen.

Focus of the talk was on sustainable approaches to the design process, including the principles of ‘Zero Waste’ and ‘Boro’. The two projects below was the main focus for the speak:

A Hymn to Ornamentation

The dress A Hymn to Ornamentation is designed in accordance to the sustainable principles of Zero Waste; creating products without generating any waste neither in the creation nor production of the clothes. It is made of high quality (stretchable) felted wool, which makes it possible, with raw edges. All left-overs from the cutting are applicated by hand.

A hymn to OrnamentationkonstruktionIMG_5061


My Family

The jacket My Family is inspired by the Japanese technique Boro. The jacket is made by worn-out clothes from my family, clothes that are to good to be wasted, and each having their own story. Now the stories lie in this jacket.

Boro textiles are usually sewn from nineteenth and early twentieth century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton. The diversity of patches on any given piece is a veritable encyclopedia of hand loomed cotton indigo from old Japan. In most cases, the beautiful arrangement of patches and mending stitches is born of necessity and happenstance, and was not planned by the maker.




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